Text Twist 2

If you've played the online word game Text Twist by GameHouse, you'll be happy to know that a sequel to the popular brain-boggler is available. Though the title could be more creative, Text Twist 2 has new features that bring a little more fun to the game's already attention-grabbing gameplay.

As with the previous game, Text Twist 2 challenges the player to form words out of jumbles of letters before time runs out. The more words you form, the bigger the bonus. Players are given the option to choose either six, seven or eight-letter jumbles to form words out of; this option is an upgrade to the previous game, which had only six-letter puzzles.

Many features of Text Twist 2 are the same as its predecessor, but there are some key differences.

Overall, the new gameplay doesn't entirely make up for the game's shortcomings. For example, some pluralized words are recognized by the game's word registry while the singular forms are not. There's also the matter of the new gameplay modes (aside from Untimed) are only available in the full version, which requires a purchase. Text Twist 2 is still fun, though, and players who enjoyed the first one are sure to enjoy this one as well. It's still a fun way to spend your afternoon, especially if you're a word junky.